HamBoat Party
May 5, 2015

 Photos by KM6MQ Walt and KM6G Jan


Many thanks to our hosts Donna, KI6TRC and Bob K6RWL!

The weather cooperated!

It was a little confusing with 3 Bobs, 2 Jans a Walt and a Wade but we managed nicely.
Wade was promised an antenna if he gets his radio working...we'll see how long that takes. :)

Everyone congregated in the shop-in-progress, of course!
KW6H Chris, KM6G Jan, K6RWL Bob, Jan, N6CHU Bob, N6NDL Wade, KI6TRC Donna and Gloria

KI6TRC Donna, Gloria, KM6G Jan chatting about non-shop things

A group photo in the shop bathroom.
KM6G Jan, KW6H Chris, KE6WC Ken, KF6VTP Joe

Workshop Plumbing

Where'd everyone go?


More toys!
KW6H Chris, KF6VTP Joe, N6CHU Bob

Ken's new truck
KE6WC Ken, WD6AWI Bob, W6SOI Phil

Ham plates in the driveway

Inside for some snacks and chats
KI6TRC Donna, W6SOI Phil, N6CHU Bob, Gloria, WD6AWI Bob

KW6H Chris, KE6WC Ken, K6RWL Bob, N6NDL Wade, Sally, Jan, W6SOI Phil

KM6MQ Walt, WD6AWI Bob, N6NDL Wade

KI6TRC Donna and Gloria having a lively chat.

KM6MQ Walt and N6CHU Bob chatting about boats

Jan and KI6TRC Donna making excellent preps in the kitchen, thank you!.

KI6TRC Donna, KW6H Chris, N6NDL Wade, Sally, KM6G Jan and Gloria feasting.

KE6WC Ken, W6SOI Phil and K6RWL Bob coming to get chow.

KE6WE Ken, K6RWL Bob and N6NDL Wade chatting some more.
There was a whole lot of boat and ham talk going on.

WD6AWI Bob and Sally having a lively conversation.

The main course, chicken and hotdogs. The hotdogs went fast.

The East dining area. People floated from east to west talking with everyone.
N6CHU Bob, KM6G Jan, KW6H Chris and KW6WC Ken

The West dining area.
Sally, W6SOI Phil, KF6VTP Joe, WD6AWI Bob and N6NDL Wade


KW6H Chris



KE6WC Ken saved the best for last...dessert!