Winter 2016 Wheels & Keels Roundup 
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W&K Members,

Over 20 years ago, Wheels and Keels was founded on several mutual passions – including travels on the Baja. What better way to celebrate years of fun together than a reunion roundup in Catavina Baja MX.

Although we are in the beginning stages of planning, momentum is already building. Following is what we have so far:

Where: Catavina (about 300 miles South of the border) – Santa Inez RV Park

When: End of February (about 4-5 days once in Catavina)

Why: To celebrate over two decades of Wheels and Keels

How: Stateside travelers can meet at Tommie’s and form a caravan - first night stop at La Jolla

What: Potluck Meals, Sight Seeing, Bocce Ball, Horseshoes, Card Games, Wine Tasting, Campfires, Story Telling and a fun dinner at the local hotel

What Else? Bring a motorcycle, ATV or 4WD vehicle if you can. There will plenty of opportunities for exploring. A 2 meter or FRS radio would also be helpful.

This trip, we are going to have several co-organizers. Tommie will lead meal coordination while Uncle Al will manage our activity calendar. Ronnie will reserve camping spots for the group at La Jolla (just South of Ensenada). Wild Bill will provide communication support and mechanical assistance. Ralph is going to secure us a good ‘roundup’ location at the RV park and lead several sight-seeing excursions. I will provide logistic support.

Your Action: We welcome your input and a RSVP if you would like to attend. We are simply looking for a tentative headcount. More details will follow in the next two weeks.

This should be a very special roundup. We look forward to your response!

Gary – KF7JBG


We are quickly sliding into Fall and before we know it 2016 will have arrived. It is time to make those travel plans and pencil up the calendar.

The Winter 2016 Wheels and Keels Roundup will be very special as it being held in Catavina at the Santa Inez RV Park. We are targeting the last week of February. It will be fun to be in Ralph and Pat’s playground.

So far, (15) members are either ‘in’ or have raised their hands: Ralph and Pat; Tommie and Marlene; Uncle Al; Wild Bill and Ellen; Chuck and Joann; John and Dolores; Scott and Lisa and myself and Gretchen.

If I have missed anyone, please forward this message. I look forward to hearing from you.



W&K Members,

We have set some dates for the Winter 2016 W&K Roundup in Catavina MX. It is shaping up to be an incredible gathering. Following is a tentative schedule:

Wednesday 2.24.16: Meet at Tommie’s (for travelers wishing to caravan down)
Thursday 2.25: Cross border; travel to La Jolla Beach Campground (An overnight in the Ruta de Vino wine country is an option… I know a place that would let us camp for free)
Sunday 2.28: Travel to San Quintin with an overnight in the Mission Santa Maria hotel parking lot. (Paul N6GRT may have another suggestion)
Monday: Travel to Catavina Santa Inez RV Park. (Ralph will reserve a roundup location for us)
Friday/Saturday: Begin return trip

Besides the usual potlucks and horseshoes, Ralph will lead us on Cave Painting excursions and discussions have started around a whale viewing and/or side trip to Bahia de Los Angeles. I will also host another wine tasting that we started at Stampede early this year.

To date, we have (18) members that are either ‘in’ or have raised their hands. They include: Ralph and Pat; Tommie and Marlene; Uncle Al; Ronny; Wild Bill and Ellen; Chuck and Joann; John and Dolores; Scott and Lisa, Bob and Carolyn and Gretchen and I. Hopefully, we can get at least 4-6 more!

If you have not already done so, please let me know if you will be attending or have any suggestions.

Regards, g



Wheels and Keels Members,

First, Gretchen and I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas as we head into the holiday season. It has certainly been a fun, busy and challenging year. We are looking to 2016 and a very special Wheels and Keels Roundup with Ralph and Pat at the Catavina, Santa Inez RV Park. The update on 10.21.15 (below) outlines a tentative schedule. In addition, we have several special activities planned:

Marlene will be hosting a South African ‘BRAAI’ or BBQ. This African tradition is typically held for family and friends to enjoy some drinks, great food and a little dancing and music. Very fitting for the W&K group! The menu will be BoereWors or Farmers Sausage with peppers and onions in a large roll. This will be complimented with a tossed green salad and African style dessert. I am [almost] certain that this will be the first African BBQ held in Catavina! J Marlene is even buying the groceries at an ethnic store in the San Diego area. Be sure to bring your favorite Safari attire and as Marlene said ‘get ready to shake your bootie’!

Al has volunteered to run the Games. There will be card games, bocce ball, horseshoes and a few other surprises. Of course, Al recommends that we kick off the games before, during and after happy hour. In fact, the game should just be Happy Hour! J

Tommie has a whale of an activity planned. In fact, she is leading a Whale Watching trip to Scammons Lagoon in Guerrero Negro. This is the perfect time of year to watch the whales play, calve and clean themselves in the lagoon. Given the distance, you may even opt to spend the night before returning to Catavina. Stay tuned for more information.

Of course Ralph will leading several trips in the Catavina area outback to look at ancient Indian Paintings and artifacts. These excursions can last from two hours to a full day and Ralph always has a new location to explore. Bring your VHF radio, water and peanuts! Also, rumor has it that Wild Bill and Ellen are planning a Treasure Hunt!

Finally, Gretchen and I will be hosting a Wine Tasting. This roundup will feature Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Although most of the wines will be from California, a few varietals will come from Walla Walla Washington and the Guadalupe Valley in Baja MX. A cheese and meat platter will help clean the palate between tastings and we will make sure to empty the remaining bottles over dinner!

Let me know if you have any suggestions and/or are planning to attend and have not already sent a RSVP.

Best regards, g KF7JBG

4 February 2016

Wheels and Keels Members,

In just three weeks, we will be gathering at Catavina for a very special roundup. I know many of you are already preparing your motorhomes and trailers for the trip!

Please take a moment to look over the following itinerary. We have made a few changes since the last memo. Tommie also needs a headcount for the whale watching excursion.

Wed 2.24: Meet at Tommie's house if you wish to caravan down
Thu 2.25: Cross Border and stay in La Jolla Beach Camp (south of Ensenada)
Fri 2.26: Continue to San Quintin Beach or Paul & Sydnie's place at El Socorro
Sat 2.27: Continue to Santa Ines
Sun 2.28: Santa Ines
Mon 2.29: Santa Ines
Tue 3.01: Travel to Guerreo Negro for Whale Watching - spend night at the Malarrimo RV Park
Wed 3.02: Return North to La Gringa (Bahia de Los Angeles for fishing, clamming, kayaking, swimming, etc.)
Thu 3.03: Spend a 2nd day at La Gringa (unless the wind is howling)
Fri 3.04: Return to Santa Ines
Sat 3.05: Santa Ines
Sun 3.06: African Braai (hosted by Marlene) late afternoon
Mon 3.07: Leave Santa Ines and head North – possibly spend night at winery in Ruta de Vino
Tue 3.08: Cross the border and ‘head for the barn’

Additional activities include desert excursions, wine tasting, games, treasure hunt, potlucks and a dinner out. These are flexible and can be worked out each day. Again, please let us know if you plan to go whale watching as Tommie needs to make reservations

Whale watching cost is $750 Pesos (about $42 US) per person
RV Park cost is $215 Pesos (about $12 US)
There are rooms available at the RV Park - Rooms are $450 - $500 Pesos ($25 - $28 US) single or double
The Malarrimo has an excellent restaurant that serves great seafood and steaks.
It is a 146 mile drive from Santa Ines to Guerreo Negro and about another 25 miles to "Where the Whales are)

It is also an option to take a car to the RV Park and leave your motorhome in Santa Inez or skip La Gringa altogether. In other words, you can do everything or just relax in Catavina.
Best Regards, Gary KF7JBG
Gary Matos
C: 503.709.2969