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03/31/18 Added several 40 meter US remote sites to SDR_sites.html.

03/09/18 On TV news tonight, there was more on security alerts in Mexico. Authorities expect possible violence in the next two days. There is also good information on the Canadian website More info here.

02/04/18 Jeff, K5SJR, is doing better after 2 days of intravenous antibiotics. They're releasing him tomorrow with an IV prescription and pic line. He'll go back in March for a follow up surgery.  Keep those cards and letters coming. :)

01/01/18 GEOMAGNETIC STORM PREDICTED (G1-CLASS): NOAA forecasters say there is a 50% chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms on Jan. 1st when a high-speed stream of solar wind engulfs Earth's magnetic field. G1 storms are relatively minor, having little effect on satellites and power grids. However, they can spark intense auroras around the Arctic Circle and may disorient animals that use magnetic cues for navigation at high latitudes. Visit for more information and updates.

12/31/17 N6MNO made it to Catalina.

12/07/17 AA6GP is alive and well. He and his wife are in a hotel in Ventura. Their home and horses are fine.

2017-11-05 Motorhome Temporary Import Permits in Baja

2017-10-20 Eyeball QSO in Anchor Bay/Gualala WB6BFG, KE6WC, KW6H, KM6G

2017/09/08 Hurricane Watch Frequencies in effect for IRMA:
14.325 Daytime beginning at 0700 ET or 1100 UTC
 7.268 Nighttime beginning at 1800 ET or 2200 UTC

2017-09-08 04:49:19.7UTC Earthquake 15.08 N 93.74 W, Depth 61km, Mw 8.0 M+ OFFSHORE CHIAPAS, MEXICO

09/07/17 I added https://www.ventusky.comto the sidebar. At 20:26 the following wave height was at 51.5' in the eye of Hurricane Irma off the coast of Florida. It give barometric pressure, wave, swell, and peiods and more. The website also covers Baja.

09/07/17 GEOMAGNETIC STORM WARNING: A CME has just hit Earth's magnetic field (Sept. 7th at ~2300 UT). This is the debris from Wednesday's decade-class X9 solar flare. It arrived earlier than expected, confirming that the solar storm cloud is both fast and potent. The CME appears to contain strong south-pointing magnetic fields that typically do a good job of igniting geomagnetic storms. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras in bright moonlight. Visit for updates and more information about this developing event.

09/05/17 A SOLAR STORM IS COMING: Yesterday, during a flurry of M-class solar flares, sunspot AR2673 hurled a CME toward Earth. NOAA forecasters say the cloud is likely to arrive late on Sept. 6th, causing moderately-strong (G2-class) geomagnetic storms with isolated periods of strong (G3-class) storming on Sept. 6th and 7th. Visit to view the aurora forecast and a movie of the CME leaving the sun.

09/01/17 Gualala eyeball QSO photo posted.
08/30/17 Brad will pick up weather the WA7RKN on 9/7 and 9/14. Thank you Brad!
08/30/17 GEOMAGNETIC STORM IN THE OFFING: A canyon-shaped hole has opened in the sun's atmosphere, and it is spewing a stream of high-speed solar wind toward Earth. NOAA forecasters say there is a 30% chance of polar geomagnetic storms (G1-class) when the gaseous material reaches our planet on August 31st. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras this Thursday and Friday. Visit for photos and updates.

08/24/17 KG6OP equipment is available on KG6OP Equipment. Mailing costs are not included. Please contact Richard, AE6XO to purchase. All proceeds go to Bryan's wife, Kitty. Please let Richard know by 8/31. Items will be taken to a flea market in Cupertino after that.

08/17/17 A photo of Richard, AE6XO is now on the mugshots page.

08/12/17 Bryan, KG6OP (sk). Bryan passed away at 12:30 A.M. this morning after a bout with pneumonia, which resurfaced. There are many things I'll remember. "I'm just going to sit back, drink my coffee, and listen out" (8 O'Clock arabica bean coffee). "That's just propagation on 40 meters, right?". "And so on and so forth". The smile on his face checking into the Baja Net via the N6IJ Remote.
He loved talking about ham radio, his old Kenwood 520, sailing, astronauts, WWII, and he had an opinion on just about anything.

He tirelessly relayed every Monday through Friday for many years (since 09/29/2002). A short skip voice I will miss. I'm grateful for everyone who wrote, visited, or called Bryan while he was at Cedar Crest Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. You gave him happy moments both on and off the air.

For you Bryan, because it always made you smile: "I Like Bananas Because They have No Bones" (George Elrick, 1936).  -KM6G

From Bryan's son, Jeff: "You are welcome to share on Baja Net and please express my appreciation for all of the calls and well wishes from all of his friends."

If you have any rememberances you'd like to share please send me an email.

Darn it!
You deserve an award for your efforts. You made his last days full of Baja Net love.
Sayonara, old man.
Ellen, N6UWW

Sorry to hear of Bryan's passing. I only knew him from the HF radio, but he always seemed most gracious and friendly. Thanks for the continuing updates. Our condolences go out to his family.
Best wishes to you as well.
Steve & Susan

so sad......what a nice man.....I am sorry I did not get to know him better......thank you for letting me know........73s....Barry.....WA6EBB

thx for the note. Sorry to hear. I will miss Bryan's stories in the morning and his need to 'take a drink of his coffee before it gets cold'. He was the oldest Ham i have ever had a QSO with. U have done a great job keeping us informed and I am so thankful for the phone call Bryan and I got to share while he was in the hospital. He is home now with no aches and pains, no SSB drift and a good cup of coffee! Best regards, Gary KF7JBG

Bryan was one of the good ones. I will miss his tales.
Bryan had an effect on all of us with his quick wit, life tales and his faithfulness to be on the radio everyday (but never on weekends) :-) I noticed on our Baja Net member list that Bryan joined 9/29/2002.
Hard to fathom all that he saw in his many years here with us. A true lifetime of stories. He'll be fondly remembered.
Here's an song that fits his passing, at least for me.
Sayonara dear Bryan, peace be with you and your family.
It was sure great of you to get Bryan on the radio last Sunday, I could his smile from here.
Wild Bill, WB6BFG

Thanks Jan for all you did to help Bryan and his family. I am so glad I got a chance to meet Bryan last week. He certainly was a cool guy.
73 Bryan
My best to all his family and friends who will remember him.
Brad, AI6DS

Very sad to hear it.
Richard, AE6XO

I'm so sorry to hear this sad news, my condolences to his family.
James Moody - N6IY

Sad not to hear him relay anymore

Bryan had a long life and a good run.
That said, his cheery reports from "Sunny Cupertino" (on the slightly drifty TS-520) will certainly be missed.


Please send my condolences to the family. Berand WB0YCQ

Hello Jan,
I am so glad Byron was able to take advantage of RemoteHams!
That makes my day, and confirms that it is of use to some in that situation.
I initially came up with the RemoteHams concept after a vacation went bad.
The secondary use which I wanted was for those with handicaps to be able to get on the air. Handihams uses our software to get many more on the air.
Other reasons for creating involves CC&R's where no antennas are allowed.
Same goes for nursing homes or retirement communities.

Which leads me to this true story.
There was a HAM in a nursing home and he insisted that he be allowed to use his radio. He got an antenna installed (HF) along with his radio and it went down hill from there. Seems that TVI and RFI were all over the place to where he was getting into the intercom system. They tried to get him off the air, so that made him want to talk more and really screw them over with RFI. To make a long story short, the staff did not like this HAM at all, to the point that he was the last one to get their attention. That was his demise, as he did not get the adequate care he needed for survival. He passed away a short time later....
After hearing this story, I was very angry because RemoteHams was in existence then, and if he had taken that route, he might still be alive today.
Looks like I need to work harder in getting the word out!
I am so happy that at least one HAM was using it the way it was intended or conceived and to put a smile on his dial!
73, Scott WA6ILE, N6IJ Remote

08/07/17 Sunnyvale Eyeball QSO photos from yesterday are posted.

08/06/17 Bryan, KG6OP, will be on the air today checking in through the Marina remote N6IJ. He'll be leaving the Cedar Crest Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Monday or Tuesday and going home for hospice care. 08/03/17 GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH: NOAA forecasters say there is an 80% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Aug. 4th when a solar wind stream is expected to buffet Earth's magnetic field. The wind is flowing from a canyon-shaped hole in the sun's atmosphere, so wide that it is almost bisecting the solar disk. Storm levels could reach G2-category (moderately strong) during the late hours of Aug. 4th, subsiding to G1-category (minor) on Aug. 5th. Visit for photos and updates.

7/26/17 A update on Bryan, KG6OP, went out by email today. If you did not receive it, either I don't have your email or I inadvertently left it off. Please send a message to KM6G to be added to the list.

7/25/17 New photos posted on eyeball QSOs. Jeanne KC2IOV visits San Pedro hams.

06/01/17 Joe, KF6VTP will take NC Thursday, 6.1. Thanks!
05/28/17 Rod, W6MWB will take NC Sunday, 5/28. Thanks!
05/27/17 G2-CLASS GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A moderately strong G2-class geomagnetic storm is underway on May 27-28 as Earth moves through the wake of a CME that swept past our planet just hours ago. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras, especially in the southern hemisphere where deepening autumn darkness favors visibility. Stay tuned to for updates.
05/26/17 Jan, KM6G will take NC Friday, 5/26. Thanks!
05/18/17 SOLAR WIND STORM PREDICTED: The solar wind around Earth is about to speed up. Velocities could top 700 km/s on May 19th when a stream of gaseous material flowing from a hole the sun's atmosphere reaches our planet. G2-class geomagnetic storms and high-latitude auroras are possible on May 19th and 20th. Stay tuned to for updates.

04/23/17 GEOMAGNETIC STORMS CONTINUE: Following on the heels of Saturday's unexpected CME impact, our planet is now moving into a stream of high speed (700 km/s) solar wind. This is re-energizing geomagnetic activity around Earth's poles. NOAA forecasters say there is an 80% chance of geomagnetic storms on April 23rd subsiding to 'only' 60% to 65% on April 24th and 25th. High-latitude sky watchers should remain alert for auroras in the nights ahead. In the USA, Northern Lights might be seen and photographed in northern-tier states from Washington to Maine. Southern Lights are also being reported by observers in high-latitude regions of New Zealand.

04/13/17 Wheels and Keeps Baja Roundup photos added to Baja Roundup
03/19/17 AI6DS will do weather, thank you!
03/12/17 Russ Sherwin AD6ZL (sk).
We received notice of the passing of Russ Sherwin of Prescott, Arizona on March 6, 2017. Russ and his wife, Donna, sold their home and lived on their boat full-time with their rescued German shepherd, Gracie. They made five trips to Mexico and two trips to Alaska over an 8 year period. Russ was a very active ham especially in the Baja area. He will be missed.

On a personal note, we got to know Russ and Donna when taking our boats from the Victoria area on Vancouver Island to Alaska. Russ was one of those technical geniuses who could fix anything and if he couldn’t fix it, he would design something to solve the problem. His wife, Donna, was always by his side and contributed to everything they did. She is also an active ham.

Thank you for mentioning the passing of this wonderful friend and enthusiastic ham.
Steve Norstrom
03/12/17 Updated Mexico Licensing Information on Changes to Mexico's Reciprocal Licensing
03/12/17 Hope you remembered to set your clocks forward.
03/12/17 Sunday weather: AI6DS, Brad. Thank you!
02/28/17 FORREST 'ED' HUGGIN, KK6GO (sk). Ed passed away last Sunday. For many years he was always the first to check in on the net. We will miss his cheery voice. As with all of our members, he had an interesting life. Read more here.

02/19/17 Sunday Weather: Chubasco Net TBD, Baja Net: KM6G
02/12/17 Sunday Weather: Chubasco Net TBD, Baja Net: AI6DS
02/11/17 ISS transmits SSTV on Feb 13 and Feb 14
01/07/17 Baja Roundup Updated

Local Pearl Harbor survivors remembers day Japan attacked. Can you guess which of our members they interviewed?

2016 12 12 WF6P (SK). Art will be missed. We always had a pipeline from Santa Cruz to Gualala and his emails were always filled with cheery stories. He sent emails letting me know who he could hear even though others couldn't hear him.  When he hadn't checked in for a while, I'd call or email him and he always answered with "Hey! It's great to be missed!" We miss you now, Art!

If you have something you'd like to post, please send me email. -KM6G

Highest wave on record: 19 meters. Thanks to John, N7NC.

Mexico Not Yet Extending Operating Permission to Non-Mexican Radio Amateurs
ARRL Text Version Thanks to Bob, N6CHU.
11/06/16 Joe, KF6VTP will be net control on 11/13, Jeff, K5SJR will do weather.  Thanks Jeff and Joe!  W7RKN will do weather 11/20, thanks, Joe!
10/30/16 Weather Bunny updates:
AI6DS will do weather MON and TUE through 11/14/16. Thanks Brad!
RKN, Joe will do weather THU 11/3 for practice and fill in where needed. Maybe Joe can fill in for Brad while he's in FL MON and TUE while Brad is gone.

10/28/16 AI6DS will do weather tomorrow, 10/29/16. Thanks Brad!

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For known whereabouts of our maritime mobiles, check the map on the bottom of the current roster.

10/26/16 For hourly updates on Nereida you can go to KC2IOV's page at GSTTRACK. from Global Marine Networks. They are working on making it non-password protected.

10/26/16 Baja Ha-Ha XXIII will be run on October 30-November 12, 2016: San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

10/25/16 Added to sidebar under weather.

10/25/16 Nereida is west of Astoria, OR as of 0700 PT. Marine traffic shows the wind has "calmed" to 35-36 knots. For those not familiar with, she's the pink vessel.

10/24/16 KC2IOV on Nereida is west of Tillamook, OR as of 17:57 PT. Marine traffic shows the wind she's up against 50-55 knots. She checks in regularly to the Sea Farer's Net. You can follow her blog at

10/22/16 Soulmates new weather link has been added to Weather Man Info page.

10/17/16 NC fills: 10/19 KM6G, 10/21 N7WH (or reversed).

10/17/16 Weather fills: 10/22 KM6G, 10/23 AA6GP, 10/24 XE2/K6IGZ. AI6DS will head back to FL after 11/1 weather and won't be back until the end of December. After that we need a weatherman. Step right on up!

10/08/16 A big thank you to Jeff, N6NXL for doing weather all summer! Brad will take Saturdays until Mid October.  Thank you, Brad! After that we need a weatherman. Step right on up! 10/02/16 Update on vessel Watercolor. It left Hawaii on 01 AUG and still has not been located.    Anyone with information is requested to contact the Coast Guard and assist if possible.

9/22/16 A 33' sailing vessel, Watercolor, is overdue. It is sailing from Hawaii to Vancouver. It is white with blue sails and has a pink dingy.   Anyone with information is requested to contact the Coast Guard and assist if possible.

09/08/16 Our own N6CHU and XE2/KC6QMS were able to help out a family on Facebook using ham radio. The family hadn't heard from Jason Hite aboard vessel Volare which was in Puerto Don Juan, Bahia de Los Angeles, in the path of TS Newton. Read further details on damage in Baja in Lattitude 38.

This is why we're here; to help others via ham radio. Kudos to Bob and Steve!

Silent Key: Herb Londin, WA6LOB died from prostate cancer. No services will be held. Please have a drink to celebrate his life. He will be missed.

08/31/16 Brad is back in the bay area for a couple weeks and has volunteered to do weather Mondays and Tuesdays while he's home. Thank you Brad!

08/03/16 New weather link NOAA OFFSHORE WATERS FORECAST FOR THE E PACIFIC WITHIN 250 NM OF MEXICO added to Weather Bunny page. Many thanks to Tony, XE2/K6IGZ for finding this!

07/30/16 Boise Eyeball QSO added to Eyeball QSOs. Thanks Wild Bill WB6BFG.

07/15/16 KC2IOV has arrived at Port NEAH BAY this afternoon!

7/10/16 A look at Hurricane Celia on Go to 1458'59.34N, 12101'49.54W and witness 70 knot winds. For some reason there are no vessels in the area... Thanks Ken, KE6WC.

07/09/16 Happy 21st birthday to Wheels and Keels! "From Lee and Karen - NPQ The first Wheels And Keels was put on to celebrate Karen's 60th birthday on July 9th, 1995. The location was our Daughter' mini-ranch on Corral de Tierra Drive near Salinas, CA. We sold Tripui a year or two later."

07/06/16 Brad is back in the bay area through the end of July and will do weather Mondays and Tuesdays while he's home. Thank you Brad!

07/06/16 Brad is back in the bay area through the end of July and will do weather Mondays and Tuesdays while he's home. Thank you Brad!

06 June 2016 Added Ham-Boat party at K6RWL's to Eyeball QSOs.

30 May 2016 Added Bazinga's webpage for your viewing pleasure.

27 May 2016 Added Mazalan to Banderas Bay weather link to weatherman page

27 May 2016 Added Catalina Repeater, 147.090 + offset, to sidebar Nets & repeaters

18 May 2016 No new news. Last I heard from another ham that tried to get a permit here in Mexico a few months back was that the IFT (the Federal Telecommunications Institute), a department under the SCT, is still not issuing any. Most 'foreigners' that have had permits in the past that have expired and those that have applied for new permits and were denied continue to operate using the XE1/XE2 (the latter being more common) prefix designator with their callsigns.

I've also heard that the SCT is undergoing some recent deep budget cuts. This may affect the length of time in which there'll be a resolution to this situation. But, bottom line, nothing's changed so far for all I know. -Tony XE2/K6IGZ

08 May 2016 Auroras abound. While we're having lousy 40 meter conditions someone is enjoying the strong G3-class geomagnetic storm show. Thanks Dick, N1ZG!

07 May 2016 Added Jeff, N6NXL to the weather lineup for the summer. Thank you Jeff!

27 April 2016 Wild Bill and crew get First in Class at the Mexican 1000 vs the Baja 1000 Race; Sal Fish, Peter Lang and Wild Bill

24 April 2016 Updated W6RSB's mobile location. Go to Current Roster and scroll to the end of the page to see all our mobile check ins.

21 April 2016 Ellen, N6UWW and Wild Bill, WB6BFG (Truck 717 ) have trackers in the Mexican 1000 vs the Baja 1000 Race in Baja. You can see where they are at the this tracking site. It's a four day rally style race starting in Ensenada on Sunday landing in San Jose del Cabo on Wednesday. Ellen is in Chase and Wild Bill is in Race.

30 March 2016 We've added a Sofware Defined Radio section with receivers "local" to the Baja Net. Check out the SDR Receivers page. It's also available from the sidebar on the left.

27 March 2016 We need a weatherman to fill in for Bud W6DYM, Brad AI6DS and Tom AA6TP until they return. Please email us if you can fill in. All the information you need is on the Weatherman Links page.
Please consider helping out.

20 March 2016 added to the Weather sidebar links. Thanks, Dick. 15 February 2016 Richard Goben, his life and loves 04 February 2016
UPDATE: Winter 2016 Wheels & Keels Roundup.  Everyone's invited. Details here

01 February 2016 We mourn the loss of Richard, KK6AGP (sk). He was a regular on our net, often calling in marine mobile from the Star of India. (photo of the Star of India). We'll miss him. tributes
Hornblower Yacht tribute
More tributes

01 February 2016 We added an informative page on determining wave height from the NOAA weather reports to the sidebar. Give it a click. Thanks to John, N7NC for the link!

25 January 2016 We mourn the loss of Greg, WB7OEC (sk). He was a regular on the net, calling in from Phoenix, mobile many times (photo of his mobile rig). He contributed to resurrecting the website and always had a cheery hello. Obituary and tributes.

26 January 2016 Eyeball QSO in Gualala.

31 December Radio history made at Palm Springs American Legion article. - KJ6DZT Tom

30 December 2015 A G3 magnetic storm will reach earth 0200 - 0600 on 12/31.

25 December 2015 Paula Keeler, NX1P, recently emailed me this in relation to our correspondence concerning acquiring a Mexican provisional amateur radio license or permit. This is the latest and up to date information. Nothing has change thus far. There are still no regulations in place for amateur radio licensing in Mexico. -XE2/K6IGZ Tony

23 December 2015 Holiday NC schedule is posted below. All NC slots are filled. Thank you all!
I don't know the weather schedule. Please advise. -KM6G

20 December 2015
UPDATE: Winter 2016 Wheels & Keels Roundup.  Everyone's invited. Details here

07 December 2015 "Global Map wind/weather/ocean" has been added to the sidebar, under Weather. "This is really slick! You can drag the globe around to any part of the world you want to see. Sure would have been nice to have had when we were planning a passage." Thanks Chuck, KK7CB!
07 December 2015 "Global Map wind/weather/ocean" has been added to the sidebar, under Weather. "This is really slick! You can drag the globe around to any part of the world you want to see. Sure would have been nice to have had when we were planning a passage." Thanks Chuck, KK7CB!

04 December 2015 I love Bananas There ya go Bryan!
Bryan likes this version of I Love Bananas better.  Me too!  :-)

01 November 2015 Changed frequency back to 7.233.5.

01 November 2015 Report from Brad, AI6DS
For the foreseeable future BAZINGA is staying in the Carribean. We're going to take Bob Sisler's advice. We just started sea trials when you saw us on your tracker. That was our first evaluation of the boat under power. It's looking like she is under propped. She sits RIGHT her white water line now so she going to be hauled to raise the waterline so we have a three inch splash zone of bottom paint and at that point we'll hopefully know what to do with the propellers. We got out money's worth for the working sails....both the main and working jib need to recut as they both to big. It appeared that the main was a foot too long on the leach. We reduced that problem with a small mast rake change and two hrs of bosuns chair time today for yours truly to change some rigging. This week we hope to see the sail designer to fix the rest. Not whining, I knew this could be part of the game but I had hope that the FL sailmaker that I selected to work with the FL boatbuilder would produce a bit more collaboration. Anyway that is a brief update. I'll be back to San Jose November 11 trough December 1.

01 October 2015
We tried 7.239 to avoid the heterodyne on 7.238. If you don't find us on 7.233.5, or 7.238 QSY to 7.239.
28 September 2015
Winter 2016 Wheels & Keels Roundup.  Everyone's invited. Details here

27 September 2015
We tried 7.238 this morning and conditions there were much better. If you don't find us on 7.233.5, QSY to 7.238.

17 September 2015
See the launch of Brad's new Ariki  BAZINGA! Go to the current roster and scroll down to AI6DS and click on BAZINGA LAUNCH.

For known whereabouts of our maritime mobiles, check the map on the current roster.

26 August 2015
Festival Of Sail: San Diego Maritime Museum ham radio special event.

23 August 2015
Conditions are not 40 meter friendly during net time right now. We're there so keep trying until the conditions change and we can hear each other again.

31 July 2015 Mexico Checking Boat Users For Proper Papers The San Diego Union-Tribune.
Many thanks to Berand WB0YCQ for bringing this information to our attention.

24 July 2015 San Salvador rebuild complete. She will launch in the next 10 days.
Many thanks to Richard KK6AGP for bringing this information to our attention.

29 May 2015 Important changes to Mexico's Reciprocal Licensing.
Many thanks to Tony XE2/K6IGZ for bringing this information to our attention.