KK6GO (sk) Forrest Ed Huggin

Here is the best excerpt about his professional career I've found from the following link http://cablecenter.org/d-listings/hank-diambra-archer-taylor.html. This a long, but interesting oral history, relating to cable TV.

"We had a great guy working for us part-time who, during this project, came on full-time. His name was Forrest Huggin. Ed Huggin. F.E. Huggin, had quite a background. He had a doctorate in Physics, I think. He was working for NRL, and he was the guy, he wouldn't tell us much about how, what or when. He was involved in the greenhouse experiment. Remember Eniwetok. His job was to record the pulse that vaporized Eniwetok. Before...what he was recording it on got vaporized. He did it. That's as far as we knew and Huggin, he deserved the security clearance, because that was as far as he told you anything. Even thought he was working full time for us, he wouldn't disclose a damn thing. So we gave him the job of building the only one of its kind, a sample of which is still in a case at the CATV museum in State College delivered to him by Buford Seville, a thing called the Equatroll, for which we got a patent. It was a self-equalizing broadband amplifier, gain adjusting, self equalizing."

Here's a link to Operation Greenhouse mentioned above https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Greenhouse.

And another interesting article:
http://www.americanradiohistory.com/Archive-Service-Magazine/50s/Service-1955-07.pdf, page 18

Last spring when KK6GO was sick, I sent him a get well email, to which he responded "that made my day". So that's when I did some Googling. Then sent him another email asking if he would tell some stories about his atomic bomb work.....but he never answered....guess he thought the classified stuff stays that way forever, but of course I wasn't look for any secrets.
Bob, K6RWL