Mug Shots
2014 - 2017


You often wonder what the person you have been talking to all these years looks like.  Well, here it is - the good, bad, and the beautiful.  This is mainly people who check into the Baja Net.  If we missed anybody, please send us a picture or let us know so we can request a picture from that person.  Or, if you don't like your picture, send us a better one!
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NOTE:  SK = Silent Key - fondly remembered. 


Arranged in alphabetical order by suffix (of course).


Sue - XE2/KG6ANS Bob - WD6AWI Wild Bill - WB6BFG Invisible Man
Gil- KN6BQ (sk) Bob- N6CHU Brad - AI6DS Invisible Man
Barry - WA6EBB Jan - KM6G Tony - XE2/K6IGZ Daivd - KD6IOI
Walt KM6MQ Terry - N6NUN Greg - WB7OEC (sk) Invisibile Man
Bryan - KG6OP (sk) Art - WF6P(sk) Steve - XE2/KC6QMS Bob - K6RWL
Joe - KF6VTP Ken - KE6WC Berand - WB0YCQ Richard - AE6XO
Invisible Man Dick - N1ZG Invisible Man Frank - KF6ZLA

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